Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Change is Coming

Many people in the world today use technology throughout the course of their day without ever realizing it.  Think about when you leave for work or school in the morning and you have forgotten your phone.  For a majority of people this is a tragedy and they feel isolated from the rest of the world until the end of the day.  It goes unnoticed to many as to how much the typical person depends on new technology.  
It has been reported that today's twenty-one year olds have talked 10,000 hours on the phone and have sent over 250,000 text messages.  An even more staggering statistic is that during the course of one, the number of text messages exceeds the population of the planet.  Ideas are able to reach the far lying areas of the globe simply because of the use of new technology.  Many other startling facts due to technology include:

- 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. in 2005 met online

- there were 6 billion searches on google...  this month

- more than 230,000 myspace users signed up...  today

- there are more than 110 million users on Myspace online...  right now

- more than 3,000 books were published...  today

- by 2010 the amount of technical information is expected to double...  every 72 hours

- more information is added to the internet in one week than was available from prehistoric times to the 19th century

- 1.1 billion cell phones were sold in 2007 alone

- predictions say that by 2013, supercomputers will be able to exceed the computational capacity of the human brain

As you can see communication and media is changing the world in drastic ways and people need to embrace it.  The world is connected through this media and we must look at the progression it makes for future generations.  While doing so, a call to action invokes many to look at the positives and negatives of how this new technology effects our daily lives.  Many may look at these figures and not think anything of it, however no matter how much we don't want it, change is here.  The real question then develops, and that is how do we react to this new world of technology that is knocking on our doorstep?